A word with director Garret Storms about the feel of "Deer"

Q: With Deer being a world premiere, Stage West audiences will be the very first to see this show produced. It is billed as “a grisly, pitch-black comedy”, but with a bit of a longer word count, how would you describe this script?

A: It’s actually quite difficult to pin this play down into a genre or to choose one main theme. It is boisterously hilarious and snarky, sometimes sad and most times dark, and also gruesome and terrifying, while being strange and whimsical. It encompasses all of the emotions that culminate when you are at the pivotal edge of something - and that edge could be the edge of oblivion or the edge of possibility and what happens when those are the same edge. It’s about being at a breaking point (and we’ve all stumbled upon that point before), and it’s about how beginnings and endings are really the same thing. And it’s about fighting and discovering. It’s about relationships and the work that goes into them. Above all it’s about love, as all things usually are at their core. It’s about all of these things...and a deer.