Young People's Classes

Theatre, acting, and writing classes can build self esteem, foster creativity, and improve academic performance. In our classes, students practice creative exploration and learn to perform under pressure in a fun and safe environment, leaving them better equipped for social situations, school, and everything in between. Stage West's Fall and Spring Classes are some of the most affordable in the area. For questions call (817) 554-3613.


5:00-6:00 | Sep 9-Dec 9, skip Oct 14. Show & Tell Performance on Dec 9

Improv with a Pinch of Word-Play-Writing

Improv skills enhance spontaneity and playfulness through creating skits and characters. In this course we will add a new twist. We end each class with a ‘word jam’ exercise. We play with words to then make verse!  From improv to word play--a skill for fun, writing and schoolwork, too.

Ages 8-17
Taught by Rob Bosquez


5:00-6:15 | Sep 10-Dec 10, skip Nov 26. Mini-readings on Dec 10

Mini-Plays & Poems: The Joy of Crafting Words

The perfect class to help you spread your literary wings and fly!  Students will enjoy a fun and relaxed environment to discover the fundamental building blocks, tips, and tricks behind favorite songs, stories, plays, films, and TV shows. Then we put those tools to use in creating your own endearing and captivating poems and mini-plays. Build excellent skills for school, enjoyment or for creating your entry into Stage West’s annual Neighborhood Play Contest.

Ages 10-17
Taught by Ayvaunn Penn


5:00 – 6:15 | Sep 11-Dec 11, skip Nov 27. Performance, Dec 11

Musical Theater: The Mary Poppins Musical Revue

Songs, scenes and dances from both the original and newest Mary Poppins movies, turned into a delightful musical theater revue. Kids will learn technique and develop skills as well as learn about performance.

Ages 8-17
Taught by Beth Bando Bontley and Britton Melton. Choreographer Britton Melton, Musical Director David Haskins


Saturday Mini-Courses 

Beginning Improv

Sep 14, 10:00 – 1:00.  Mini-performance at 12:30

Students will learn theater games, exercises and “scene work” in a fun and supportive environment. We will develop skills in listening, teamwork, creativity, and spontaneity. Improv is joyous, playful and fun! Come join us!

Ages 10 - 17
Taught by Allison Connor


The Power of Performing with Paper Plate Masks 

Sep 21, 10:00 – 1:00. Mini 10 minute Show & Tell at 12:45

An amazing process to capture and engage your imagination as well as enhance performance!  The masks are like ‘actor emoticons.’ Making them is easy and fun —drawing skills are not required! Students then learn the unique process of performing in the masks and creating mini- skits. A delightful way to expand performance through physical expression! Plenty of fun and laughter for all! 

Ages 10 - 17
Taught by Yvonne Duque


Advanced Improv

Sep 28, 10:00 – 1:00. Mini-performance at 12:30

Ready to deepen and hone your improv skills? Want to take next steps in creating improv scenes? Want to have even more fun? Come on over and let Allison show you the way!

Ages 10 - 17
Taught by Allison Connor


A Special Service to support young actors:

Audition Coaching for High School Seniors

We are offering private coaching services to high school students who will be auditioning for acceptance into college acting or musical theater programs. Please call or education [at] (subject: Audition%20Coaching) (email) us for arrangements.

Tuition Schedule

Weekly Classes:
All Weekly Courses have an additional $15 Registration Fee

  • Improv, with a pinch of word-play-write
    $60 per month, $240 for the semester
  • Mini-Plays & Poems: The Joy of Crafting Words
    $60 per month, $240 for the semester
  • Musical Theater: The Mary Poppins Revue
    $100 per month, $400 for the semester

Saturday Mini-Courses:
All Mini-Courses have an additional $10 Registration Fee

  • Beginning Improv: $50
  • The Power of Performing w Paper Plate Masks: $50
  • Advanced Improv: $50

All Courses have a $15 drop fee.

Discounts & Specials:

Season ticket holders and their families: $15 off each class tuition. 

Non-Subscribers: For semester long classes, register from before Aug 30 and get $10 off.




Email: education [at]


Phone:  817-554-3613


Beth Bando Bontley, Education Director

Beth has honed her skills over the decades in all areas of theater. She has acted extensively in NYC and in Boston, where she established her first acting studio. Locally she has performed with Echo, Theater 3, Circle, Runway and Artisan Theaters.  She has taught at TCU, TCC, STAGE, Dallas Summer Musicals, Dallas Children’s Theater and Kids Who Care.

Beth earned her BA in Speech and Drama at Trinity University; completed the two year conservatory at Circle in the Square in NYC; and earned her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.

Her original one woman show, ‘Acet-o-philous or Vinegar Love’ has been performed at Arts 5th Ave, the United Solo Festival in NYC and the Ft. Worth Fringe. She is also an author and a speaker, devoted to personal and artistic growth.

Rob Bosquez

Rob, a Fort Worth native, is a writer, director & actor. Rob has spent the last decade teaching for Ft. Worth’s Stage West Theatre, with whom he has co-founded The Summer Conservatory, The Neighborhood Play Contest & The Festival of the Kid. 

Rob is also the creative writing/acting/improv instructor for Artes de la Rosa’s Artes Academy at the Rose Marine Cultural Center, with whom he has created over 40 original productions for young audiences. As a director, credits include Death of a Salesman, Sam Shepard’s Eyes for Consuela and Waiting for Godot

Rob is a published writer with several short stories published in literary journals throughout Texas. His original play, The Breeze Through the Cherry Fields, was recently published by the Langdon Review.

Allison Connor

Allison has been performing and teaching Improv for over 20 years.  She has performed and trained with The Groundlings in L.A., The Second City in Chicago and Gotham City Improv in NYC.  She has taught Improv at The Comedy Store in L.A. and led numerous improvisational workshops for corporations, schools and universities.  She has appeared in many national television commercials and on HBO's improvised hit comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm."  

Allison teaches Improv within the Keller ISD and currently directs the Keller High School Indian Improv Troupe and the all-kid Minor Trouble Improv Co. 

She is delighted to be working at Stage West!


David Haskins

David Haskins has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in music from UNT. He  served as the musical director for the Dallas Summer Musicals School of Musical Theater for 10  years. This is where multiple collaborations between  David and Beth Bando Bontley began, including accompanying her one woman show.has been  entertaining as a professional pianist for many years and teaching private voice in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He has a growing number of students performing major roles on Broadway. He especially loves to teach serious dance students. David's studio is in Central West Arlington.