Press : Ann Flashes Back to Another Feisty Politician

"Dorothy Ann Willis Richards’ had a personality about the size of the state she governed. Serving as Texas’ leading Democrat from 1991-95, Richards’ lasting legacy feels like a breath of fresh air on the hot and humid political landscape that now overwhelms the state. Her silver-tongued banter and political optimism made her a foot soldier for feminist and liberals nationwide."

Star-Telegram: ‘Ann’ wins in a landslide

"In less sure hands, it could be a mimic performance, but Leonard imbues it with herself while exuding the no-nonsense ballsiness of Richards. This woman understood the importance of shaking up the system; wanted to open government to every race, creed, religion, gender and sexual orientation; and even after serving as governor of a large state for one term, said that teaching was the hardest job she’d ever done."