Kathleen Cunning

“The Artinator”

I taught art at Weatherford High School for 26 years and the kids gave me this nickname.  Pretty cool, huh.

I was born and raised just outside Wichita, KS in a small German/Irish farming community named Schulte, KS.  At home, we always had coloring books to pass the time and when they were full, my mother would draw a picture for me or my 8 other siblings.  I was hooked.  This is what I wanted to do.

My husband was in the Air Force Reserves and in 1974 we moved to Fort Worth and Carswell AFB.  We traded semesters until we both completed college.  This was mixed with jobs, children and one more move to Weatherford.  I finally got my dream job with the WISD and after 26 years, I we able focusing on painting in watercolor at least 2 times a week. 

My subject matter started with reflective surfaces and I discovered vintage cars had the grime, the shine, the reflections and incredibly details.  I love how the outside world is reflected onto the surfaces of the cars.  I focus on unusual angles and interesting parts of the cars; bumpers, grills, hood ornaments, rust, etc.

I have been fortunate to have placed in several art shows around Texas.  I take commissions so if you have a special car you want to see in paint…call me.