Giving Day

We made our goal of $25,000 in contributions!  Still waiting for final, final numbers...

North Texas Giving Day is a special day for all non-profits in the area, including Stage West Theatre! This year’s event is from 6am-12am on September 20. All gifts given to our organization that day will receive an in-house match from the Swenson family. The Swensons will generously triple your contribution, helping your money go even further towards our $25,000 goal.

There are additional BONUS FUNDS provided by the Communities Foundation of North Texas. The Communities Foundation will enhance, on a pro-rated basis, each donation made during North Texas Giving Day. Credit card gifts will be eligible for the bonus pool to the value of actual donations prior to deduction for the fees. It is not a dollar for dollar match. The bonus percentage will be calculated the day after North Texas Giving Day. Watch this video to see how the bonus is calculated. 

How to give? There’s now two ways: 

1)    Scheduled Giving: New this year, donors may visit between September 10 at 8am through September 19 at midnight. Enter the organization name Stage West and follow the directions from there. The donation will be processed on Giving Day itself.

2)    Day-of Giving: between 6am-12am on September 20, visit Enter the organization name Stage West. Follow the steps from there to make your gift to our theatre.

 There is also a local event that you are welcome to attend. It is in celebration of the day and most every Fort Worth non-profit will be represented. We would love to see you there.
Thank you for participating on this exciting day of philanthropy and for helping to make great live theatre possible at Stage West!