Stage West premieres new piece for Bass Hall’s Children’s Education program

Stage West is proud to present Thurgood Marshall: Civil Rights Champion through Bass Hall's Children's Education program.

For well over a decade, Stage West has partnered with the hall to bring a classic work to the stage for 7000-8000 students each year. Previous plays have included R&J: Abridged, Macbeth, and The Crucible. Due to the pandemic, the planned 2021 reprisal of R&J Abridged had to be postponed. 

Seeking a new way to reach students, and inspired by social justice protests during 2020, an idea for a filmed production about Thurgood Marshall was born. Alan Buratto, husband to Bass Hall’s Children’s Education Director Sue Buratto, drafted a script which was then brought to Dana Schultes, Executive Producer at Stage West, who took the reins from there.

The script touches on all of Justice Marshall's life, highlighting his work with the NAACP and landmark cases such as Brown vs Board of Education. Broadway actor Major Attaway who grew up in Fort Worth plays the title character alongside area students Preston Brown, Johanna Ivy, Novyn Sek, Niya Talati, Mallory Turner, Zacharias Wormley,MJ Worsely, and Jessica Wu. 

Working with PSC Productions, the project was filmed remotely and edited to resemble a zoom call between eight students and Justice Marshall, the program will be shown in classrooms across North Texas. Graphic artist and illustrator Jen Schultes provided illustrations for the piece. 

Schools interested in accessing Thurgood Marshall: Civil Rights Champion should reach out to Bass Hall's Children's Education Director Sue Buratto: sburatto [at]

Wednesday, January 13, 2021