Neighborhood Play Contest Winners announced 2020

Thank you for your participation in Stage West's annual contest for kids! We have chosen about two hours of material from the 250 submissions we received, which will be performed on two evenings at the Festival in April.

Congratulations to all who submitted. In our hearts, every participant is a winner. We encourage you to continue to create and to write. Your stories matter!

Here are the Winners, whose submissions will be performed at the Festival of the Kid. The Honorable Mention and Semi-Finalist submissions, who won't be performed, follow.

Winners whose submissions will be performed at the Festival:

--Booker T. Washington HS for the Perfoming & Visual Arts, Guinea Bennet-Price

  • Patiance Wiley, "Love is a 4 Letter Word" and "Dear Diary"

--Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Jordan Mayo, "There's No Place Like Breakfast Place"
  • Talia Saulsberry, "The Past Haunts"

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Madison Caraway, "Embarrassed"

--Carter Riverside HS, Angela Stidham

  • Emily Paramo, "Sleep Paralysis"

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Lindy Davis

  • Sydney Charlize Collings, "Stop and Smell the Roses"

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Finn Belk, "Tranquil"
  • Chloe Lee, "Four Seasons"
  • Liliane Runnels, "The Chair"
  • McKenna Skipper, "Mountains and Oceans"
  • Alaina Spaltro, "An Adventure with my Sister" and "Stars to Sunrise"

--Grapevine Middle School, David Wilson-Brown

  • Alexandra Allen & Sydney Jay, "Friendship Collides"

--Nimitz HS, Elizabeth Herrera

  • Alexandria McCoy, "Drowning"

--Parkview Elementary, Theresa Davis

  • Kaylee Pierce & Mallory Schmidt, "Lost in Nowhere"
  • Angelina Tran & Aisley Brock, "Area 51"
  • Isabella Wright & Kyra Parker, "Candy Land Catastrophe"

--Rayburn STEAM Academy, David Vaughn

  • Lucian Luna, "Entry Log #1"

--Singley Academy, Seth Johnston

  • Gloria Henriquez, "Scars by tears"

--Timber Creek HS

  • Remidy Dixon, "White Index Cards"

--Trinity Valley School, Larissa Sosa

  • Faith Wormley, "The Trip"

Self Submit Winners:

  • Hannah Bambach, "Stalling"
  • Violet Ervin, "Monday Evening" and "Stories"
  • Melanie Escalante, "Oracion"
  • Aiyana McGarry Fairley, "Pink Truck"
  • Peyton Gatewood, "Amen"
  • Morgan Lott, "Snowfall"
  • Asher Ludwig, "The Tale of the Country Independence Day" and "The Mountains in Autumn"
  • Zander Pryor, "Token Trans"
  • M. Rayne Smith, "The Maiden of the Water and The Bearer of the Wind"
  • Brenda Viera, "It's All In Your Head"
  • Vince Wilson-Brown, "Imagine If You Could Travel in Time"


Honorable Mention-Finalists:

(the Honorable Mention pieces will not be performed at the Festival)

--Applied Learning, Katy Wood

  • Josie Wilson-Head, "Chastity, the Ghost Girl"

--Booker T. Washington HS for the Performing & Visual Arts, Guinea Bennet-Price

  • Julia Hunt, "Chasm"
  • Manon McCollum, "Gold's Gym; Northlake and Buckner"
  • Patiance Wiley, "Decision" and "The Princess"

---Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Arissa Cormier, "Monologue"
  • Avery Nagengast, "ICU/I See You"
  • Jordon Pruett, "Untitled"

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Kyran Witten, "Super Boy"

--Carter Riverside HS, Angela Stidham

  • Xander Adwell, "Reset Button"
  • Yasmin Mendoza, "Switch 'N' Dance"
  • Kimberley Ramirez, "Untitled"
  • Aryana Valles & Solomon Alvarez, "Oneshot"

--Ft. Worth Academy for the Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Dael Park, "Monologue"

--Grapevine Middle School, David Wilson-Brown

  • Candy Bean & Grace Flowers, "Figure in the Shadows"
  • Ashlyn Cathey, Elena Solano, & Gaby Gonzalez, "The House on the End of the Street"
  • Brooklyn Lynch, "The Mysteries of Existence with Mim and Toby"
  • Samari Stanfield & Julieanne Blake, "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not"
  • Ace Swenson, "The Play"

--Parkview Elementary, Theresa Davis

  • Brayden Cooksey & Gad Babaka
  • Lonnie Duong & Steven Le
  • Jayden Magana & Carmen Torres

--Timber Creek HS

  • Alyssa K. Annerino, "Refusing to Be Cold"

Self Submit Honorable Mention-Finalists:

  • Larson Nichols, "The Little Match Maker"
  • Tory Rivera, "I Neglected My Child: A Monologue"
  • Brenda Viera, "Huh. That's Classic"



(the Semi-Finalist pieces will not be performed at the Festival)

--Applied Learning, Katy Wood

  • Kennedi Mack

--Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Arden Scearce
  • Jake Seale

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Moses Cabrera

--Carter Riverside HS, Angela Stidham

  • Jesus Banucios
  • Isidro Castaneda
  • Erick Garcia
  • Tionda Jacobs
  • Kandice McKlemurry
  • Lizbeth Ortega
  • Brenda Tovar

--Grapevine Elementary, David Wilson-Brown

  • Hamza Ataben
  • Bella Compas & Belle Bryant
  • Hiba Khan
  • Jon H. Nguyen
  • Jessica Turney & Syli Collins
  • Will Walsh

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Ayomide Agboola
  • Emily Franklin
  • Carol Harris
  • Promise Henderson
  • Jaxon Hoover
  • Haylah Larsen
  • Laila Lewis
  • Brett Martin
  • Preston Stout

--Parkview Elementary, Theresa Davis

  • Zane Birmingham & Ben Flanagan
  • Mallory Castino, Baylee Smith, & Aubree White
  • Kimberly Hernandez & Derwin Ford
  • Juan Garza & Joseph Thang
  • Ethan Marquez & Rameen Alam
  • Karen Tran & Brian Luong
  • Aminata Traore & Lily Saner

Self Submit Semi-Finalist:

  • Trevor Turnbow
    Tuesday, February 4, 2020