Live Theatre League Relief Fund

We, along with our fellow Live Theatre League of Tarrant County members, invite you to help us build a fund to help the 750 local theatre-makers who collectively lost gigs with us this summer due to Covid-19. They are the actors, designers, directors, and hourly workers who you see when you come to the theatre. The majority of these amazing artists cobble together their annual earnings through gigs at our theatres.

Our fund will assist with a few bills while also reminding them that they are an important and vital part of the community. We often tell you that you are a vital part of our theatre. These artists are the other half of the equation. Our theatres exist because of you both.

How it will work:

Our Live Theatre League has a total of $15,000 in the kitty to distribute. You can safely contribute through Every gift will make an impact! Our goal is to at least double our base number. The larger the number, the more can be reached.

Artists whose gigs were canceled between April and July will be eligible to apply for a one-time grant of $250. Each applicant will be screened and verified by a panel comprised of producers from the Live Theatre League. Checks will be mailed to the applicants within days of verification!

Your gifts are tax-deductible. And don’t forget, no matter how you choose to help your local community, all gifts up to $300 can be deducted from the donor’s 2020 taxes regardless of itemization as part of the C.A.R.E.S. Act.
Thank you for your support of our theatre. Thank you for helping to take care of the community that make our plays come to life. We miss you. We look forward to seeing you again in person when it is safe to gather in person again to enjoy great live theatre.

Friday, July 17, 2020