It's Giving Day Today!

Monday, August 19, 2019

North Texas Giving Day is an important day in our community! We each get to get up, reach deep, and give to the many essential non-profits in our area who do so much to enrich our lives.

Here's our page on the Communities Foundation of Texas Giving Day website:

Matching Funds!
We have secured a dollar for dollar match with a goal of $35,000.00 from a generous private donor. HELP MAKE THAT MONEY OURS!


The 41st season includes a wide range of plays from beloved classics to hot, new contemporary plays being showcased all around the nation. Every gift to Stage West makes an impact on our ability to create great live programming that engages, entertains and challenges our community's citizens and tourists to the area. The greatest need is always towards our general operations. Without those dollars, there can be no lights, staff, facility, etc to make the creation of plays possible. We run on a "belt-tightened" budget with each dollar carefully accounted for. All of us at Stage West are proud to be producing in-the-black for over a decade now and to continue that financially responsible commitment to our donors and audiences.

Your donation supports our upcoming 41st Season of live theatre and educational programming. Stage West serves upwards of 25,000 community members each year and employs over a hundred local artists each season. We consider diversity - with the goal of a wide representation of the many cultures and communities within our region - a top priority. Thought-provoking programming that prompts people to explore outside of their comfort zone while encouraging tolerance and open conversation is at the forefront of season selection process. Beyond that, we want to entertain within a shared environment that brings people from all walks of life together. 

In addition to our regular programming, Stage West runs over a dozen community outreach programs each year including the Festival of the Kid, the K-12 Neighborhood Play Contest, M.A.D.E.: An Indoor Arts and Music Festival, an annual collaboration with Bass Hall's Children's Education Program, and much more. Inspiring the next generation to explore the arts is a win-win for everyone.

Stage West is currently in the midst of a $3,250,000 comprehensive campaign to renovation the company's facility - including backstage bathrooms for creative teams and a new flexible black box theatre with audience capacity up to 200. Every dollar that goes to Stage West, now through December 2022, helps fund this campaign and secure/build the theatre's future.