Greening Stage West

On July 27, 2019, Stage West will open the regional premiere of Lungs by Duncan Macmillan - a two person play that explores the changing landscape of a couple’s relationship as they grapple with the pros and cons of having a baby and the effects of raising a child in a world with ever-dwindling resources. It is both universal and intimately personal.

In preparing to share this acclaimed new script with our audiences, we have been reflecting on the ways in which we at Stage West can continue to cut down on our environmental footprint.

Below are a list of ways that various aspects of the organization have become green over the past, ways that we plan to be green by the opening of Lungs, and ways that we are looking to further “green” the organization in the future.

Ways We Were Green:

  • no plastic drinking straws or stir sticks (moved to bamboo stir sticks)
  • no plastic cups/drinkware (moved to glassware)
  • no plastic cutlery or flatware (moved to silverware)
  • no plastic dessert plates (moved to proper plates)
  • no styrofoam cups/to-go containers (moved to cardboard/paper)
  • when shopping for the cafe, reusable shopping bags are used instead of store grocery bags


  • the shop reuses many materials and keeps stock of commonly used items that are in constant reuse and circulation to cut down on cost as well as unnecessary material use
  • proper disposal of paint, metal, etc. to cut down on impact to the environment


  • refillable hand soap dispensers (hand soap is bought in bulk)
  • Stage West does not have city recycling due to cost, so recycling is taken home with staff members


  • water bottle fountain/water fountain combo installed in 2017 bathroom area renovation


  • for donor gifts/perks and merch, Stage West sourced koozies and tote bags made from 100% recycled materials

Ways We Will Be Green By Opening of Lungs:

  • no individual/single use creamers for coffee (moving to creamer carafe)
  • no individual/single use sugar packets (moving to sugar container)


  • no paper script for stage management (piloting a new software that allows for a digital calling script)
  • programming Lungs
  • scenic design for Lungs will be comprised of recycled wine bottles and curtains that were already in stock at Stage West

Ways We Hope To Be Green In the Future:

  • looking into options for sustainable table-coverings and napkins


  • looking into greener/more energy efficient options such as solar panels (ideally donated)

Facilities (Post-Renovations):

  • air hand dryers to cut down on use of paper towels
  • area in back of building with small garden, plants, trees, etc.
  • Studio Theatre to be fully LED-friendly

As we are a not-for-profit organization, we would be delighted to accept support and advice from companies or organizations that could help us continue to diminish our carbon footprint. Contact our Executive Producer at dana [at]

Thursday, July 18, 2019