Neighborhood Play Contest Formatting and Submission Guidelines

The 2020 Neighborhood Play Contest Formatting and Submission Guidelines

  1. Include a cover page that contains the following.
    • For school submissions:
      • Teacher's email address
      • Your teacher's name
      • Your school
      • Name of the piece
      • Your name
    • For independent submissions:
      • Your name
      • Name of the piece
      • Your phone number
      • Your email address
  2. Typed, if you can. If not, please write legibly.

  3. Font size 12.

  4. Align text to left.

  5. Set 1 inch margins on all sides.

  6. For a scene:

    • List the names of the characters, their ages, and brief descriptions.

    • Character names can be aligned center or left. If aligned center, double space, then write their lines.

    • Single space the text itself. Double space from character to character.

    • Stage directions are typed center in italics and/or in parenthesis and single spaced. Stage directions within text (for example: (She reaches inside her purse)) should be in italics and parenthesis.

    • Double space between stage directions and text.

  7. Paginate - a fancy word for please number your pages.

  8. If you can, use a footer that has your name and name of piece, especially for a submission longer than one page.

  9. Save your document as: Last Name, First Name, Name of Piece. If there are multiple writers: Last Names, Name of Piece.

Thank you for participating in Stage West Theatre's Neighborhood Play Contest!