Neighborhood Play Contest

This program is for North Texas K-12 students: write a short play, scene, poem, monologue, or prose and then submit it to the contest for a chance to have their entry selected for the 2021 Festival of the Kid.

This year marks the 14th year for the contest which is sponsored by the Stage West Patron Member group. 


Neighborhood Play Contest Winners Announced

Thank you for your participation in Stage West's annual contest for kids! We received over 300 submissions this year!

Congratulations to all who submitted. In our hearts, every participant is a winner. We encourage you to continue to create and write. Your stories matter!

Below you will find the winning pieces from the contest that will be produced in our annual Festival of the Kid 2021. Honorable Mention finalists are also listed below. While the Honorable Mention pieces will not be performed, we want to acknowledge the high quality in their writing abilities and content.

This year's Festival will be rehearsed and produced online. Come audition! Auditions are Feb 27-28 held via Zoom. Kids from ages 8-18 are welcome to be a part of this extraordinary experience! Please call 817-784-9378 to schedule your audition. For more info, email beth [at]

Here are the Winners, whose submissions will be performed at the Festival of the Kid. The Honorable Mention, who won't be performed, follow.

Winners whose submissions will be performed at the Festival:

--Applied Learning, Katy Woods

  • Landon Cox, “Picture Myself”
  • Josie Wilson Head, “Camp Corona”
  • Solana Hood, “The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood”
  • Emily Kirkpatrick, “The Figures of a Nightmare!”
  • Natalia Martinez, “Marigold”
  • Rowan McIntosh, “A Really Warm Blanket”
  • Gideon Meade, “Imagine”

--Booker T. Washington HS for the Perfoming & Visual Arts, Guinea Bennett-Price

  • Isabella Ehring, “Anxious Type” and “Sleepaway Camp”
  • Lilium Fitzgerald, “Imaginary Friend” and “My Body”
  • Kloe Rhoden, “Your Personal Island”

--Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Aubrey Bryant, “Just Be”
  • Mack Buth, “Innocence and Youth”
  • Jonah Chen, “Dear Pen Pal”
  • Katie Freeman, “What Happened?”
  • Andrew Maas, Untitled
  • Violet Novak, “Erosion”
  • Belle Pfeil, Untitled
  • Arden Scearce, “I’m Enough”

--Caprock Elementary, Lena Paulauskas

  • Knox Beasley, “The Strongest Boy”
  • Maddison Caraway, “Rose & Violet”
  • Amaya Gonzalez Pena, “The Ingredients Find”
  • Garrett Hadden, “When Pigs Fly”
  • Jayla Hayes, “Talking Dogs”
  • Ryker Howerton, “If my dog could talk”
  • Rebekah Lowman, “Unicorns in Space”
  • Paisleigh Murry, “Carl”
  • Yanelis Pacheco Morales, “Helado”
  • Brodie Shelton, “The Dark Forest”
  • Neveah Vizcarrondo, “Cookie Jar”

--Carter Riverside HS, Dennis O'Neill

  • Grace Adwell, “The Nightmare”
  • Emily Down, “A Siren’s Song”
  • Edwin Luna Medellin, “Covid Hits the N Pole”
  • Joel Olmos, “Hope”
  • Ellie Servin, “Skate Boarding Euphoria”
  • Brandon Torres, “Andrew Perez School Life”

--Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Ayomide Agboola, “In my mind”
  • Shourya Chaudhari, “Prank Day”
  • Silvia Ho, “When the Ice Cream Melts”
  • Janiris Mercado, “The Halloween Prank”
  • Julian Morales, “Cereal Confusion”
  • Kylee Nichols, “I Am Me!”
  • Alaina Spaltro, “Not the Favorite”
  • Virginia Szok, “Babysitter Trauma” and “I’m Stronger”
  • Alice Watson, “To the Dr”

--Haltom HS, Renee Norris

  • Dylan Cain, “The False Monarch of England”
  • Jade Hilbert and Savannah McDaniel,  “Giggle & Gone”
  • Lily Metcalf, “I Hate My Mirror”
  • Brenda Ramirez, “Not a True Friend”,
  • Loraine Simmons, “Acqui”
  • Julia Suazo, “Behind the Lens”

--IM Terrill HS, Bentleigh Nesbitt

  • Hannah Campbell, “The Bright Side”
  • Lindsey May DeVries, “If Ashes Could Talk”
  • Meadow Simpson, “Lovely, the Whole Pain Thing, Isn’t it?”

--Nimitz HS, Elizabeth Herrera

  • Alexandria Madison McCoy, “Sweetest Devotion”

--Nova Academy, Paula Goldberg

  • Cindy Faz, “Never a Natural Death”
  • Ti’Maya Terry, “Fake Friends”

--Parkview Elementary, Sarah Zamora

  • Kayla Contraraz, “Celestia’s Speech”
  • Julian Gooding, “The Secret Mission”
  • Reagan Grimes, “The Judge”
  • Brystal Hedges, “Brystal & Eisley!!!”
  • Brandon Matos, “The Alien”
  • Jema Pederson, “I’m Late”
  • Taylor, “Anxiety”
  • Luna Venegas, “My Dog Life”
  • Kassidy Vuong, “The Lonely Life of A Lamp”

--School of Science & Engineering, Ashley Head

  • Jaden Brooks, “Finding Myself”

--Timber Creek HS, Craig Robertson

  • Paris Lowery, “The Pursuit Of Community”

--Trimble Tech, Cheryl Penland

  • Fausto Anguiano, “Dream”
  • Euriya Blair, “Deep Thought for Society”
  • Karen Fernandez & Arely Sandatte, “There is an I in indecisive”
  • Giselle Martinez & Elena Velasquez, “Jessie’s Escape”
  • Jayden Wright, “What Am I?”

Independent Submission Winners:

  • Avery Todd, "Caged"
  • Henry Todd, "The Demonic Pen"
  • Debbie Paulauskas, "Gamers"

Honorable Mentions:

(the Honorable Mention pieces will not be performed at the Festival)

--Applied Learning, Katy Woods

  • Damian Johnson, "Peace Among the King"
  • Elise Ledford, "A Real Play"
  • Kennedi Mack, “Who Is That?”
  • John Nering, “Past, Present or Future”
  • Magnolia Potemkin, “My Father’s Words”
  • Annabeth Sheffield, “The Hamster Smuggling Adventure of Zack Yelina”

--Booker T. Washington HS for the Performing & Visual Arts, Guinea Bennett-Price

  • Isabella Ehring, “The House of Torment”
  • Lilium Fitzgerald, “London Fog”

---Byron Nelson HS, Wendy Bramlett

  • Ella Von Dreau, Untitled
  • Gabriella Gagnon, “Listen”
  • Dylan Hilbert, “An Embarrassing Moment”
  • Samuel Maddox, “Imposter”
  • Onye Moweta, “Enitan: The Story of Unlikely Love”

--Carter Riverside HS, Dennis O'Neill

  • Saira Aguilar, Untitled

--Ft. Worth Academy for the Fine Arts, Rebecca Magnus

  • Silvia Ho, “Breakfast Escape”
  • Iju Jeon, “Scene 3”
  • Madelyn Prickett, “The Dream”
  • Alice Watson, “Up & Away”

--Haltom HS, Renee Norris

  • Makayla Bandy, “Colors Upon the Canvas”

--IM Terrill HS, Bentleigh Nesbitt

  • Diego Reyes, “A Beautiful Aftermath”
  • Scooter (Rod) Sachs, “In the Town of Hook”
  • Liv Smith, "What Happens After"

--Trimble Tech, Cheryl Penland

  • Karyme Nicole Ortiz, “Valentine’s Day”

Independent Submission Honorable Mentions:

  • Debbie Paulauskas, "The Enchanted Forest"
  • Claire Pettit, "The Mysterious M.R."