Neighborhood Play Contest

Are you a K-12 student in the state of Texas with a story to tell? Want to see your writing brought to life on a professional stage? 

We are seeking original monologues, scenes, and short plays written by YOU!

Printable Neighborhood Play Contest FLYER


  • Write an original theatrical work. It could be a monologue, scene, or short play. 
  • Check to make sure your piece follows our FORMATTING GUIDELINES 
  • Submit by December 13, 2023 via this SUBMISSION LINK 
  • Wait for the winners to be announced in February 2023, then fully produced and staged in the Festival of the Kid, May 2024! 

Rubric that our panelists will reference: Neighborhood Play Contest Evaluation

Celebrate our 2022 Neighborhood Play Contest Winners!

Last year we received nearly 300 wonderful monologues, scenes and plays from talented North Texas students, ages 5 through 18. We are so grateful to all the brave emerging writers who dared to share their stories and gifts with us. 

The winning selections were performed in the 2023 Festival of the Kid.

Guidance and Inspiration for Writers

Stage West’s Emerging Voices Program supports the next generation of original theatre artists, from Page to Stage.

We believe in you! But we also know that it helps to get a little extra support, especially when looking at a blank page (or screen)!

  • Do whatever you need to JUST START. You could pull out an old journal entry, or start with the line of a song. You might investigate whatever is feeling most relevant to you right now? What's got you itching in some kind of way, wanting to shout or cry or laugh or run off somewhere? Or just go digging in some kooky corner of your imagination and see what turns up! Just start. 
  • Release any attempts to impress your audience with anything other than your own real life experience, or express anything other than your own authentic voice. We value the unheard stories of young people who don’t always have an outlet or audience for expression.
  • Once you get started, just keep things moving. Keep listening for the next best line, feeling your way through the next step. And the next and the next.
  • When you have something resembling a first draft, celebrate! Read it through on your own out loud. Share it with someone you trust. Edit it til it feels right!

Check out these Education Resources for more inspiration. Reach out to education [at] if you need more assistance.