The Naughty List FAQ


Box office is available Tue-Fri 10am-3pm and Sat 12-5pm and until 7:30 on show nights. Call 817-784-9378 or email boxoffice [at]
Please allow time for a response to email as we have a small box office staff. 


How can I buy tickets? Visit the ticketing page or call 817-784-9378


When will it be streaming? December 4 - December 31

How do I stream it? For those who purchased the streaming option, a link to a pre-recorded digital copy will be emailed to you by 7:15pm on the night of the performance you select. That link will be password protected and will be available to you for 24 hours.

Can I share the stream with others? We ask that only households who purchase a streaming ticket have access to the stream in order to ensure the financial integrity of the system while also honoring the work of Moonrise Initiative artists.

What devices can I use to watch it? Any device connected to the internet such as your laptop, smartphone or tablet will work.

Can I watch on my TV? There are a few ways to do this, and most require additional cost at some point.

  • Chromecast Device:  About $30. The device plugs into your TV (be sure your TV has a port for it!). Next download Google Home App on your smart phone or tablet. The app will take you through set up. Need more instructions? Here’s a handy page:
  • HDMI Cable:  Connect your desktop or laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable. Be sure you have any adapters you need to make those connections.
  • Let’s View App: Let’s View is the highest rated free screen mirroring app we could find. Here is a link to the page. Use the Products dropdown for tutorials for various device pairings.
  • To use the Vimeo TV apps:
    • On the web, create a Vimeo account and log in.
    •  Click the video link you want for Vimeo--it will be in the email sent to you prior to the performance.  When the video opens, click the clock icon to add the video to “Watch later” list on web.
    • Open Vimeo app on AppleTV/Fire or Fire TV or Fire Stick and sign in to vimeo account (if you are not already). From the main screen, look for the Watch Later list.
    • Start playing the video on TV from watch later list

My connection is poor. What do I do? Vimeo is designed to automatically shift screen resolution based on the users’ internet connection. We recommend being as close to your WiFi signal as possible while also disconnecting use of the internet on any other nearby devices using the same signal. If you are in a busy usage area, it may be helpful to try to watch at a different time of day when general usage is down.