Magic in a Box: Virtual Reality

Max Major

Oct 1 2020 to Oct 11 2020

 Remote Control with Max Major: A Virtual Mindreading Experiment

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You know the drill: you pick a card, then somehow a magician finds it in a deck - oldest trick in the book. But what if that magician was thousands of miles away…and the card appeared in your home? 

Welcome to the next generation of magic with world-renowned mentalist Max Major. You may know Max, he's a semi-finalist right now on America's Got Talent!

Before the show, you’ll receive a sealed box with secret contents to be revealed during the live performance. Now imagine that same magician bringing every day objects to life, reading your mind, and mystifying you... all as you sit in your living room. It's a magical experience unlike anything you've ever seen before.

So... ready to pick a card?

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Thurs, Oct. 1 @ 7pm CST

Fri, Oct. 2 @ 7pm CST

Sat, Oct. 3 @ 7pm CST

Fri, Oct. 9 @ 7pm CST

Sat, Oct. 10 @ 7pm CST

Sun, Oct. 11 @ 7pm CST

Presented by the Adirondack Theatre Festival and Bloomington Playwright's Project; Brought to you by Stage West Theatre: Ticketed live performances that entertain you from the comfort of your home. The first ever of its kind, these experiences include a from-your-couch cruise, hands-on-insane magic shows, an interactive hunt for a criminal, and a “wine and canvas” night gone wrong.  

*If tickets are purchased less than 5 days in advance of the event, we cannot guarantee your box will arrive in time.