An introduction to Imagination Acrobats from teacher Evelyn Dumeer

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Hi, my name is Miss Evelyn.

I'm so excited to be teaching imagination acrobat to this spring.

I'm a recent graduate of the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and I've been performing since I was 12, but pretty much since I was born, which is one of the reasons that I love teaching theater for young audiences.

I'm also a kindergarten teacher and I've been teaching this age group for the past six years.

I love sharing theater with young kiddos because it helps us use our voices and our imaginations and our bodies to tell stories and play, pretend and communicate and express ourselves in lots of different ways.

Theater is not just about the arts, theaters about building communication skills and building friendships skills and building self advocacy skills and these are all some of the things that I'm really excited to bring into the classroom this spring.

Our theme the semester is "uniquely you".

And so we're gonna be singing some songs and doing arts and crafts and reading stories and learning dances about the awesomeness that is being ourselves and many, many different ways that we can be ourselves.

I am so excited to be teaching your kiddos this spring and I know that they're going to be so excited to show you what we do in class.

Let's go!