Nici Lorenzo

Artist Biography

Nici Lorenzo was born in Havana, Cuba.  At the age of 5, she and her family emigrated to Miami, Florida.  Art quite literally made Nici who she is today, as her family was only able to leave Cuba for America after her mother was awarded a visa to teach music in a Miami church.  Nici lived in Miami until her most recent move to Dallas, TX, a place that she has called home for nearly 4 years.  Before her move to Texas, Nici was a high school and elementary art teacher for almost a decade.  A graduate of Florida International University, Nici attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Art history in 2006.  

Nici lives in Dallas, TX with her husband Joe, a poodle, and a tiny chihuahua.

Artist Statement

Throughout my artistic endeavors, I have remained committed to the idea that one should never be too comfortable.   I feel that when someone becomes complacent, mediocrity is sure to follow.  As such, I have been determined to work in as many different artistic mediums as possible.  This is a journey I have been on for nearly all my life.  
In pursuit of my interest in various artistic styles, I have painted, sketched, sculpted, created installations, and mosaics.  I have worked with a multitude of materials, forever seeking the perfect medium of expression.  My most recent work has almost exclusively tile mosaics.  Many of my mosaic works contain tiles that I made by hand.  I have found that through the long and arduous process of creating the very medium which I later use to create my work, I have gained a deeper respect for art in general.  A work of art must not merely be considered as a work at large; to the contrary, every stroke of the brush and every tile laid, is a work of art in and of itself.  
As of late, I have focused mostly on portraits of women.  Through their strength I find inspiration.  The accomplishments of great women throughout history and female artists have laid the groundwork for the path that I, and all modern women, need to succeed in the world today and in the future.