Lesley Rucker


Lesley Brandt Rucker is a native Texan originally from San Antonio. A graduate of the Art Center of College of Design in Pasadena, California, she began her art career as a Graphic Designer working on editorial, retail, and corporate design. She has received local and national awards for her design work and has been published in Print, Communication Arts, and the New York Art Directors Annual. She is a painter, and her artwork has been exhibited in various galleries throughout Texas, Illinois, and California.

Artist Statement

My work explores imagery that reflects a connection between real and imagined subjects. This includes relationships between life, love, death, afterlife, and living organisms. The forms and interconnections between the imagery are woven through the use of color, line, form, texture, and abstracted representational subject matter. My current work explores the idea of identity through symbolism with themes of love, loss and finding my place in the world.