John P. Irizarry


As an artist, my paintings are dramatic like my personality.  My abstractions call for your undivided attention.  My sense of space is simple, but fresh.  The paintings are liberating fantasies where animated shapes meet color.  Lines and form pull together as structural manifestations of a dream-like state.  I strive for each painting to succeed in creating the sense of constant movement, adding energy to the viewers of my work.  

Acrylic on canvas is the medium I prefer.  Acrylic seems to suit my style best in regard to the brightness of color and the ability to shape and mold the paint to suit my vision.

It also allows me to use a variety of tools to achieve my desired look.  Palette knives, brushes, trowels, scrappers, and even my own hands are important members of my tool chest.

As I explore the abstract and express my love for the avant-garde, the whimsy of bright color and embellish reality will continue to advance my art.


Although I've lived in Dallas most of my life, I was born in New York City.  It was there I was exposed to a variety of cultural differences like art, music, theater and dance.

I am a self taught artist who has created art for 10 years.  Within those years my art has matured arriving into my comfort zone.  My life's experiences has fueled my urge to paint and add and add energy to my artistic fire.

In the seventies I studied art and photography at Hunter College in New York.  I continue to grow and learn as an artist to refine my techniques and to perfect my craft.  My work has been featured in many Dallas and Fort Worth galleries and I take any opportunity to show my artwork.