Becky Wilkes

Becky Wilkes lives with her husband on Eagle Mountain Lake in Azle, TX. Educated as a Chemical Engineer at Texas A&M, she chose to spend much of her life as a stay-at-home mother of four children who have blessed her with a multitude of perfectly fantastical grandchildren. Thus began her study of chaos and order. Her current vocation is a blend of urban archeologist, anthropologist, sociologist, trash collector, and photographer.  

"Ditched" explores the implications of our throwaway society through the examination of debris  meticulously collected from the shoreline of Eagle Mountain Lake, near Fort Worth, TX. For one year during the drought of 2014 to 2015, every item found along one mile of newly exposed lakefront was photographed in-situ and again in studio. Eagle Mountain Lake, while only 14 square miles in size, is fed by a watershed of over 850 square miles. Unlike the trash entering our oceans, this debris is trapped inland, restrained by the dam, fed by drainage ditches and roadways. Individually, the collages reveal the variety, quantity and rate of disintegration of the materials contained in the lakefront. Collectively, they speak to our careless abandonment post gratification. “Ditched” was recently featured in BETA developments in photography number 32 July 2019 by editor, Jeff Moorfoot.