Festival of the Kid

Producing the winning entries from the Neighborhood Play Contest

This year we have selected 29 original plays, scenes, and monologues by writers ages 6 to 17. The styles and stories are diverse. Some are inspiring or thought-provoking, some eerie or heart-breaking, many are wildly imaginative, and a few are sure to make you laugh out loud. A cast of 34 talented young actors from various schools across DFW have been working for weeks under the direction of seasoned theatre professionals to bring the words of their peers to life upon the professional stage.

Festival of the Kid is a unique opportunity to support and celebrate our community’s next generation of writers and performers! 

The 2023 Festival will be May 15-17, Monday-Wednesday

    MONDAY, MAY 15 

    Young Voices 6pm & 8pm

    Monday Night of Festival of the Kid features our youngest writers and performers: ages 6 to 12. Expect a delightful selection of scenes, monologues, and poems performed by 18 talented elementary and middle school students.

    Directors: Aaron Knowles Dias and Lauren Riley
    For all ages. Est. running time 25-35 minutes.

    "In the Everything" by Clara Dean, FWAFA
    "The Dentist" by Jonah Hicks, FWAFA
    "If My Voice Could Travel" by Chloe Sehgal, Homeschool
    "Get Out Of My Room!" by Alaiya Mays, FWAFA
    "There Are No Small Parts" by Aria Mattera, FWAFA
    "It's Just a Zit" by Geneva Gutierrez, FWAFA
    "Test" by Rhylan Looney, FWAFA
    "I Want to Believe" by Juneau Grundy, FWAFA
    "The Worst Idea" by Yeaan Bang, TeSA
    "The Accusation" by Soluna Viera, FWAFA
    "Happy Birthday!" by Soluna Viera, FWAFA

    Monday 5/15 is the only night of the Festival that is for all ages AND the only night to feature a special free performance at 7pm by the students of Stage West Musical Theatre Program! Please join us for that as well. No ticket necessary.

    TUESDAY, MAY 16 

    Teen Voices 6pm & 8pm

    Tuesday Night of Festival of the Kid features plays, monologues and scenes written and performed by talented local teens. 

    Directors: Dana Schultes, Tonya Wilson-Brown and Rob Bosquez
    For ages 12 and up. Some mature content. Est. running time 40-50 minutes

    "Goldfish Eulogy #1" by Tanmay Yaramachu, Fort Worth Country Day
    "Seeing Stars" by Ava McCain, IM Terrell Academy - 10 minute play
    "The Clock Keeps Turning" by Josephine Ayala, North Side High School
    "Goldfish Eulogy #2" by Fiona Morris, Fort Worth Country Day
    "Smells Like Capitalism" by Eowyn Lightbearer & Corban Littrel, Homeschool 
    "Goldfish Eulogy #3" by Chance Odom, Fort Worth Country Day
    Untitled / “Alex” by Kiera Jolley, Byron Nelson High School
    "Untitled" by Justin Chaney, Benbrook Middle School
    "Goldfish Eulogy #4 by Viktor Harrington, Fort Worth Country Day
    "The National Bird" by James Z Appleyard, Birdville High School


    Teen Voices 6pm & 8pm

    Wednesday Night of Festival of the Kid is performed by the same teen ensemble as Tuesday night, but with a totally different line-up of original plays, scenes and monologues.

    Directors: Rob Bosquez and Aaron Knowles Dias
    For ages 12 and up. Est. running time 40-50 minutes

    "Quarter to Ten" by Olivia Stanley, Booker T. Washington
    "Entitled Click" by Patiance Wiley, Booker T. Washington High School 
    "What is it Mother?" by Dulce Gaucin, North Side High School 
    "Upside Down" by Olivia Kersh, Fort Worth Country Day 
    "Not Like You, But Like Me" by Genesis Juarez, Fossil Ridge High School 
    "Our Life," by Juan Jaquez, North Side High School 
    "Friends" by Rylee Reisinger, Byron Nelson 
    "Suicide Squad" by Audrey Hunter, Booker T. Washington High School



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