Exciting things coming up in 2017

in between

posted Sunday, Dec 18

We can't divulge many details just yet, but we are super excited behind the scenes!

1. Education has programming news that will be posted after the first of the year that is super cool. More info to come. 

2. There's at least one new creative project (and possibly 2) incubating. One began as a decision to participate in this. (Which you will see if you click the link, got squashed). But the creative spirit is not so easily squashed. And so...more info to come. (And yes of course we will "abide by the wishes of the Estate and its lawyers".)

3. We are in the drawing and planning stages of some long-needed remodeling and experience upgrades. We'll write about them here as things solidify.

4. Thanks to those of you who spoke up for the needs of our mobility-impaired patrons! We have reached out to the City of Fort Worth and Fort Worth South and there is a plan being developed to rectify this situation. It may take a year and it will almost assuredly result in the loss of a few front parking spaces, but we agree that it's important that everyone have access and feel welcome at Stage West.

5. Hope you all made it to see MURDER FOR TWO!  I am going to go see it again tomorrow. Hope I can get a seat! 

In the meantime, check out this cool interview on the Avert Your Eyes podcast, hosted by Michael Gibson, Jr., with our Executive Producer Dana Schultes The interview features some history of Dana, some history of Stage West and its inception (in the ghost town that was downtown Fort Worth in the 70's ... handmade coffee can footlights in a sandwich shop). Funimation voice-overs. North Texas Neighborhood Play Contest/Festival of the Kid, listening to the voices of our youth. "Everyone has a story." Motherhood and being an executive. Perfection and doing one's best. Disconnect...


2 more things:

6. We are looking forward to this video series! #LegacyLeaders


7. I (jen in marketing) have been getting inspired by Bread and Puppet theatre!



jen schultes, Marketing Director