Covid Mitigations

Safety Plan for Season 21-22

Stage West remains committed to responsibly producing live theatre for the community. As always, we beg your patience and understanding as we navigate each stage of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please know that each decision we make is with the best intentions and reflects countless hours of discussion, weighing a myriad of variables and scenarios. We are human beings doing our best to “make lemonade.” Following are some protocols currently in place. We will update them as facts continue to shift.

Masking and Other Measures:

Stage West is no longer requring masks for audiences due to the lowering of community spread in Tarrant County. Production teams will continue to undergo 2x weekly testing to check for Covid-19 as per the company’s agreement with Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), the union for professional actors and stage manager. If at any time a production team member tests positive, the entire production may shut down until all test negative. Having even one member of the team out, especially an actor, means the entire production shuts down until all test negative. Our actors perform mask-free in order to deliver an excellent theatrical experience. Finally, we continue to firmly request that anyone experiencing any covid-19 or flu-related symptoms reschedule their reservations to a time when they are symptom-free. Symptom-related ticket changes will remain fee-free.

Access to Production Teams:

Absolutely no contact between the production teams (actors, stage managers) and audience members is allowed at any time due to the AEA restrictions. No public is allowed backstage at any time. Audience may not wait after performances to speak with production team members. Any mingling between audience and performers on Stage West property could result in the production being shut down.

Proactive Efforts:

In an effort to combat community spread, the following measures have been put in place:

  • All HVAC systems have undergone a complete testing and balancing process and have been fitted with MERV filters.
  • New air circulation is set to six times per hour. However, re-circulation is necessary to ensure low-humidity and general temperature comfort. Therefore, all public spaces’ HVAC ducts have been fitted with UV-C lights.
  • Stage West now has a touch-free ticket system. Those wishing to participate need only screen-capture or print the QR code tickets received via email and proceed directly to the theatre space, bypassing a wait at the box office.
  • All public-use areas (seating, doors, bathrooms, tables, etc.) will be cleaned before audience arrival and after the last audience member leaves with an electrostatic disinfectant system to combat any remaining virus on surfaces. All production-related surfaces (dressing rooms, hand-props, set, and backstage areas) will receive before/after-use cleaning as well.
  • Audience members experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to stay home and reschedule.
  • Thank you for your role in bringing great live theatre back to North Texas. One day, this will all be behind us. Until then, the shows will go on, one way or another!