Church & State

Church & State

Jan 27, 2022 to Feb 20, 2022
by Jason Odell Williams
You want to talk about the separation of what now?

“Crackling…enjoyable, thought-provoking, and humorous. I wish every member of Congress would see it” - NPR

Three days before his bid for re-election - in the wake of another school shooting - a U.S. Senator has a life-altering crisis of faith, triggering an off-the-cuff comment which sends the entire campaign into a tailspin. His wife and campaign manager try to contain the damage, but in a country where religion influences politics and politics have become a religion, how do you reach the people and stay true to yourself? A timely and fast-paced story that is simultaneously funny, heartbreaking, and uplifting.

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Ashley Wood

Work at Stage West includes:  Miles, Toby, Lionel in Intimate Exchanges, Tom in This, Adam in Rough Crossing, West/Frazier/Pinky et al in Pride’s Crossing, Kenny in Man of the Moment, Moon in The Real Inspector Hound, Hamlet i


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