Into the Breeches!

Into the Breeches!

Jun 9, 2022 to Jul 3, 2022
by George Brant
Making HERstory: Celebrating the Women of WWII, including Evelyn Wheeler Swenson, Ensign, USNR (Supply Corps)
When the gents are away, the ladies will play

“Brilliant…fresh, witty and thoughtful…a total triumph." - Montgomery Advertiser

It’s 1942, and there’s a problem at the Oberon Playhouse! With the director and leading men all off at war, it looks like the season will be cancelled. That is, until a determined group of ladies rallies the troops at home to mount an all-female Shakespearean production. The hilariously unexpected team comes together, united by their determination that the show must go on! This delightful and moving backstage comedy examines the power of art to bring us together, even in the hardest of times.

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