Patron Spotlight: Bill Slater and Elizabeth Doane

Stage West Development Manager, Tonya Wilson-Brown sits down with Stage West board member, Bill Slater and his wife Elizabeth Doane, both long-time supporters and avid theatre-goers:

1. How did you hear about Stage West, and how long have you been attending?

Bill: We have known about Stage West for about 10 years. I was asked to consider coming on the board by an old friend of mine, Bronson Davis, who worked at TCU with me at the same time. Bronson and I had lunch together one day and had a conversation about it. Then I met Dana and was very impressed. I thought it would be a good thing to join the board and help out as much as I could.

2. What is your favorite show you have seen at the theatre and why?

Elizabeth: The Molly Ivins play (Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins) and Ann: The Ann Richards Play. I also liked On The Exhale. It was good. I like the one-person plays.

Both: EVERYTHING is good.

Bill: When we come out to the theatre (we come to just about every performance) we bring another couple with us and have the full experience. The ability to sit down and have dinner is a great addition to the theatre. And Pam is so friendly and warm. The food is good and service is wonderful. It is something Stage West has that others don’t.

3. What is your favorite show of this season and why?

Elizabeth: Witch and Church and State - we enjoyed them both.

Bill: The theatre does a good job of selecting actors. We know we will see good performances every time we visit Stage West.

4. Why do you support Stage West?

Elizabeth: We loved Acting with the Stars. This was one of our favorite events to support the theatre.

Bill: Quite simply, Stage West does good work. You take a look at what the theatre was 10 years ago and you see what type of progress the staff and board have made. The renovation was one thing that was a big project that we all feel a big sense of pride in accomplishing…you, me, anyone who played a part in that happening. We now have a facility that is good for our use. There was good thought put into making the building accessible to the community for education and more.

5. What keeps you coming back?

Elizabeth: We are theatre people. We visit many in the area and have gone to New York and London for theatre.

Bill: We used to go to London over the holidays and see a show every evening.

6. If you had 3 words to describe Stage West to a new patron, what would they be?

In a full sentence: A good performance for your dollar.

We thank Bill and Elizabeth for their long-time support of Stage West our local arts scene!