A moment with Director Illana Stein about the style

Q: This show is a romantic comedy in the best sense - hilarious, charming, heartwarming, and tender! While this is a genre that is familiar and recognizable to most people, it can be a deceptively difficult style to achieve. Without giving too much away, how do you think this script overturns our expectations of what a romantic comedy can be, and what excites you most about working on this genre?

A: What I love about directing Handle With Care is how many surprises and reveals are layered into the script. At first glance, the romantic comedy genre may feel predictable, but with this story, there are many twists and turns that take you to unexpected places. Working on this play has led to rich conversations with the actors about character relationships and family dynamics. What may feel deceptive is how deep this play can get especially when tapping into themes about destiny and soulmates. In the rehearsal room, the actors and I have to do the hard work of connecting all of the dots so the audience can fully enjoy the journey, watching as the story unfolds. It is my job to make sure the serious moments land, as well as the jokes, and that is only possible with casting capable actors. We got that part right! This cast is incredible. Join us for the mayhem and stay for the holiday magic!