IWFTYA Actor Ellen Eberhardt on life and art

Q: In this play, you portray one half of a desperately co-dependent friendship. And the script hilariously (and also very honestly) portrays the love and rage that manifests in these types of close platonic bonds - it’s both very specific while still feeling familiar and relatable. What do you find to be the most surprising elements of working on a love story that is between friends, and in what ways do you relate to the relationship between Sam and Leo?

A: Well, I can tell you this! I VERY much relate to Sam, maybe too much sometimes. Being a Plus size woman working in the Theatre community most of my "Safe places” are with people of the LGBTQA+ community. As I know I am always wanted and I am able to be myself without judgment. What really surprised me, especially in the show, is how the "people" you keep close to you can define how you perceive yourself! Whether that be your Best Friend who can give you the extra boost you need to face the world or how you can challenge each other to be the best Writer you can be! But, when that person is gone, your whole identity is almost compromised and you don't know who you are. And, this has been almost a self-reflection on my own life.