A chat with Actor Sky Williams on the things to know

Q: While this show is certainly a play, it is also so much more than that. Audiences of this show will have the distinct pleasure of encountering something very special and wholly unique. And yours will be the first face and voice they encounter as the show begins. What are a few things that you would like for people to know about this show and why do you feel this show is important for everyone to see?

A: Something unique about this piece is that we will often refer to it as a “ritual”. That is precisely what it is created and called to be - an unfiltered and unapologetic offering of Black expression, Black joy, Black pain, Black frustration, Black talent, and Black culture to provide healing to our community. We have been forced to survive in a country whose very framework tries to devalue and disintegrate us and has for centuries - the lives taken from us through police brutality being possibly the most widely known egregious attempts. This ritual gathers Black people into a public space where we can shed the burden of anti-Blackness together. A ceremony in which we may connect as a community to honor the lives stolen from us. The best part about this experience is that it is participatory. Our Black audience cannot separate themselves from the harsh reality of the world we live in so they should not have to be bystanders to an experience of cathartic unburdening of pain and oppression. This is our time to come together and heal. Whether it be through song, dance, spoken word, screaming, crying, rejoicing, laughing, or even just sitting in silence, together we will explore the varied mediums in which our African Diaspora finds restoration. Our community will gather as one, to send up the afflictions that try to hold us down.