A chat with Actor Elly Lindsay about perspective

Q: In this production of Grand Horizons you portray Nancy, the matriarch who is about to make a choice that will change her family in a very big way. And due to that choice, much of this story is about a family re-learning each other and, in the process, re-discovering themselves. What do you find to be most delightful about Nancy and what excites you most about playing this surprising role?

Elly Lindsay answers: "Surprising is a good word for Nancy. In the beginning of the play, Nancy is trapped in the box of her marriage – a box created both by herself and by her family. As the play progresses and Nancy reveals more of her insides, she begins to “claw” her way out of the box of mother, homemaker, caretaker.

A number of the characters talk about the nature of love – what it is and what it isn’t. Part of Nancy’s journey is redefining that for herself. Her family also have to look at their own ideas about both love and marriage.

There are so many delightful moments as Nancy allows revelations to unfold – thoughts she is having for the first time in her life. It is wonderful to play someone who is making courageous choices to create a meaningful life.

I just love her!"