Adult Classes

Receive transformational training from master teachers. Explore your creative gifts in a dynamic and nurturing environment. Network and collaborate with talented local theatre artists. Experience live performance on a professional stage. Lean into your next chapter of artistic and personal growth.

Actors Workshop: Intermediate | Acting Technique

Thursday & Friday 6:00–8:00pm | Oct 5, 6, 12, & 13, 2023
Jennie Lynn Godfrey | $175 for 8 Class Hours 

This special condensed workshop is for actors who have moved past beginner and are ready to take their skills to the next level. Refine your personal creative process for character development, script analysis and collaboration with scene partners. Students will move toward the goal of confidence and ease in auditioning and professional settings. This class is for students who have completed Beginner classes at Stage West (or alternate studio) or have professional experience.

Actors Workshop: Beginner | Acting Technique

Mondays 7:15–8:45 pm | Oct 30–Dec 4, 2023
Sasha Maya Ada | $195 for 6 Weekly Classes 

Whether you are new to acting or looking to reground yourself in the fundamentals, here is an opportunity to step into the classroom and explore. While developing tools for artists to employ post–class, students will focus on the basics of character development, refine their connection to “actor’s impulse,” and workshop their individualized pathway to approaching a role. This space recognizes and honors the intersectionality of the storytellers and the stories being told.

Improv for Adults | All Experience Levels

Tuesdays 5:30–7:00pm | Nov 14–Dec 12
Siouxsie Easter | $195 for 5 Weekly Classes and 1 Performance

Whether you have no acting experience, or years on the stage, improv classes are a great way to have fun and exercise your creativity! We will learn and play with both short and long form improvisation. Regularly playing improv games helps with public speaking, mental focus, spontaneity, stage fright, creativity, and getting out of work mode and into play! The final session is an improv show for friends and family to enjoy. NOTE This class is 5 Tuesdays and 1 Wednesday. The final session on Wednesday, December 13 is an improv show for friends and family to enjoy!

Meisner Basics II: The Reality of Doing | Intermediate Acting Technique 

Tuesdays 7:00–8:30pm | Nov 7–Dec 12, 2023
Douglas Davidson | $245 for 6 Weekly Classes

In Part II of the Meisner Basics series, master teacher Douglas Davidson reviews the Foundational Exercises, and then leads students into the Full Exercise. Also known as the Improvisation, this cornerstone of Meisner technique helps the actor achieve a state where they work moment-to-moment off their scene partner’s behavior in a truthful, spontaneous and specific way. Once mastered this becomes a powerful, replicable model for authentically acting any scene. All who have taken Meisner Basics I with Douglas Davidson are welcome to enroll. If think you may have special qualifications, please reach out to education [at] and describe your previous exposure to Meisner technique in detail.

Performance Lab | Performance for Experienced Actors

Wednesdays 7:00–8:30pm | Nov 8–Dec 13, Tech Rehearsal Dec 12, Performance Dec 13, 2023
Douglas Davidson | $390 for 6 Weekly Sessions + Production Week 

Master acting teacher Douglas Davidson teaches you essential principles and effective techniques for powerfully embodying a role. Through script & text analysis, character development, physicalization, emotional life and much more approaching rehearsals and performance. Then you apply and integrate this learning as you're guided through a full rehearsal process and with a final production for the public at Stage West on December 13th. Anticipate 6-10 additional rehearsal hours scheduled with the director after classes have begun. This class is limited to students who have experience on stage and/or prior training. Please write education [at] to determine if you are eligible. Sign up as soon as possible so that the instructor can begin selecting scenes and considering casting. This helps us hit the ground running Class 1.

Important Policy Info

  • Price includes a non-refundable 7.5% processing fee. 
  • Full refund (less processing fee) available up to 48 hours before the first class session.
  • Pro-rated refund (less processing fee) available up to session #2 for classes that run 4-8 weeks.
  • Pro-rated refund (less processing fee) available up to session #3 for classes that run 9-12 weeks.
  • Students under 18 can request permission to take an adult class by emailing education [at]

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