Wish List

From Executive Producer Dana Schultes:

New carpeting in our main stage space. $1500

New computers for three different staff members still working on machines over 8 years old. $1500 each

A new Industrial refrigerator for our cafe. $3000

Two iPads for use in our cafe for a Point Of Service (POS) system. This would make a massive impact. $500 each

An Office Volunteer to help me one or two days a week with office stuff such as mailings, filing, date-entry, etc. A huge help! Priceless


From our Make it Happen board:

We've received funding for 6 Assisted Listening devices for our harder of hearing patrons... now we need a base set/microphones for the theatre. About $2500

Or--you can sponsor costume costs for a show, or scholarships for various classes for students who need assistance--see our board in the Lobby Hall for more!


From Technical Director Ryan McBride:

Macbook Pro for TD to facilitate and expedite build process.
Wide Crown Pneumatic Stapler
Medium Crown Pneumatic Stapler
Narrow Crown Pneumatic Stapler
Set of Makita Brand 18-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Combo
*Requested 2 sets
Bosch Plunge Router
Bosch Fixed Based Router
Dremel Combo Kit
Hakko Soldering Iron Kit
HD Large Venue Projector (Between 5000 & 8000 lumens)
(This will allow the integration of modern media design to seamlessly interweave into our show designs and various other events)
Qlab 4 Software License (Each license allows installation onto 3 computers)
$999.00 Pro Bundle (Allows for Sound, Video & Lighting control from one interface) **BEST DEAL**
$749.00 Pro Audio/Video (Allows for Sound and Video control from one interface)
Vectorworks License for TD (This will allow collaboration with Designers and other theatre professionals in the DFW area and across the country.)
2017 Designer License- $3,745.00
2017 Architect License- $2,945.00
2017 Fundamental License- $2,145.00
Large-Format Architect Printer
(This will allow the printing of designs and blueprints at the proper scale, will allow for posters and large scale printables to be printed in-house saving costs and time of printing offsite.)
2-Story Scaffolding
(This will allow easy access to hang lights in both theatre spaces and alleviate the dangerous work conditions of trying to maneuver on a ladder)
K9 Pups (LED Stage Lights)
(These units will provide ample lighting in the realm of color blending and allow a richer experience for the audience while saving on electricity costs and drain)
*Requesting 10-15 Units 
ETC Ion Lighting Console
(We will need a digital capable light board once our new Studio Theatre Space starts producing plays)
Presonus Sound Console
(Our Mainstage Theatre Space is still operating on an analog console. This becomes more and more of an issue as manufacturers move into the digital realm.)
Clear-Com CZ11432 DX200 System w/ HS15 Headsets Package

(This interface allows for Stage West to ditch the loud and often hard to understand Walkie-Talkie method for our Stage Managers and crew to work and communicate during shows.)