Rene Rocha

Artist Statement: Rene Rocha

My work explores concepts of separation, and connection through the use of line. I am interested in how line can illustrate distinct borders between colors, shapes, and other elements throughout a composition. Borders in society, similar to lines in artwork are often harsh, bold, and unforgiving in nature. These lines present an absolute boundary. Sometimes, I use bold color, and line to represent these types of boundaries. Other times, I use lines which are less rigid, to reflect a willingness to merge.

I enjoy creating connections in my artwork. I find working in mixed media to be a wonderful approach to connect materials both similar in nature, or completely different. At times, these materials willingly mingle together, making the process smooth and seamless. Other times, my materials clash, and forcefully resist one another.  I am most satisfied when I am able to merge two or more materials which initially resisted one another. The end result is a beautiful, and harmonious work filled with energy.

 As an adoptee, separation has always weighed heavily on my mind. Losing connection to one’s family, mother in particular, is always felt internally. As I tear a page of watercolor paper in preparation for painting, I often think about the final moment my biological mother laid eyes on me. The paper, like us, is forever changed. The paper is no longer a single unit. The two pieces are permanently separated, yet what remains is the line created by the tear. Each is forever influenced by the other.  

It is through the application of material, which I explore the connection between my biological family, and my adopted “real” family. Both are influenced by one another. The different materials merging together to become a new unit. A single work of art, a single family.

Artist Bio: Rene Rocha

Rene Rocha is a West Texas native, raised in Odessa, Texas. Adopted at the age of 5 weeks, Rene often explores the concepts of separation and connection, through the manipulation of a variety of materials. His unique ability to merge materials in a harmonious way, is one of Rene’s strongest attributes as an artist.

Rene believes strongly in the importance of art education, and feels it is an essential part of a child’s comprehensive education. He has dedicated the last decade of his professional life to sharing his passion for the visual arts with middle school students.

A graduate of Texas Tech University, Rene earned a BFA in Visual Studies, with a studio emphasis in painting, and drawing. He accredits the program’s strength of both studio practice, and art education, for giving him the necessary tools to foster learning at a high level.

Rene’s artwork can be found in homes throughout the country. Primarily a commissioned based artist, Rene enjoys the challenge of creating unique artwork to be cherished for generations. In his own body of work, Rene continues to seek new ways of joining materials in harmony.