The Ann Art Show

Artists: Create and submit your Ann Richards inspired art. 

Update for all Ann Art Show artists!

First off, we have been delighed with the interest that artists of all stripes have shown in the Ann Art Show. We can't wait to see what comes together!

Important information:

Your Ann-inspired art will be accepted at Stage West Saturday October 1 from 12-5pm and Monday October 5 from 12-5

All work should have Artist Name, Phone Number and Email written on the back. 

If the work is for sale, please also list a sale price. Stage West takes a 25% commission. 

Please plan to pick up art work Tuesday November 8 between 12-5 or Saturday November 12 from 12-5. Stage West is not responsible for work that is left after that date.

The Ann Art will show from October through November 11, 2016.

Yes, we are delighted to accept wall-ready submissions by mail, although we cannot return your art without return postage. 

Questions? Call Dana Schultes at 817-338-1777 or send her an email at dana [at]